21 humanitarian and human rights organizations join forces:

'We ask the EU to put humanity at the core of any new asylum policy'


THE HAGUE, 24 JUNE 2018 - Twenty-one humanitarian and human rights organizations respond with dismay to the Dutch Parliament’s approval of the EU’s new asylum plans to push asylum protection outside of European borders. With a joint appeal, they ask the government for a humane asylum policy, in line with international obligations and laws.

EU President Tusk has proposed to block access to Europe to people fleeing violence, persecution and injustice, as a possible solution to the migration and refugee discussion in Europe. The hosting and protection of vulnerable people and the processing of asylum claims is being devolved to countries that are much less capable of this than EU member states. In the joint statement, the organizations say: Don’t mistake reception in the region for detention in the region.

“Closing Europe’s borders to people who flee violence, persecution and injustice is unacceptable. We ask the EU to show moral leadership and to work out an asylum policy that does justice to Europe’s founding principles and values: humanity, solidarity and shared responsibility”, as stated by the organizations.

It is extraordinary that more than 20 humanitarian and human rights organizations join forces in such a short period of time to express their concerns about proposed changes in EU asylum policy.

The campaign is supported by: Amnesty International Netherlands, Doctors Without Borders Netherlands, CARE Netherlands, Cordaid, the Red Cross Netherlands, Hivos, ICCO/Kerk in Aktie, Oxfam Novib, PAX, Plan Netherlands, Red een Kind, Save the Children Netherlands, SOS Kinderdorpen, Stichting Vluchteling/IRC, Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF, Tear, Terre des Hommes, Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, War Child, World Vision and ZOA.